Wpa Wps Tester: Are you the one among them who are using this free apps from play store to scan if the network to which are connecting daily is safe? Do you know something about this apps, Let me say you, these apps only  use basic algorithms to scan which are not enough to keep your device safe from vulnerable hacks mainly if you are in one particular profession which mainly demands you to connect to many more different networks? Here you need more intelligence and smart app which scans your network at that moment when you want and you can connect to it and keeps you safe.

Now just simply install the powerful Wifi WPS WPA tester andriod mobile app and just block all the unsafe networks which are harmful. Now you can know which Wifi network is secure or like if the network is compromised and susceptible to attacks. Now just test your connection with a single click and stay safe and secured.




  1. Now just update your andriod version in the mobile. At lest you need to have the version of Lollipop 5.0 is requried
  2. So here you need to download app from google play store and just install it on your device.
  3. So, Once everything is done, this app will ask you to give few pwermissions on your device. so try to provide them if you want to use the app.
  4. It mainly reccomends to use your WIFI router which is equipped with WPS button.


  1. Now just download all the Suitable Apk file from the official app
  2. Open it in the download manager and tap to open the downloaded package apk file.
  3. So here you need to enable the permission to install the packages from third-party sources. if this is not done already, then go back to the settings, srvices, and just tick on the unkown sources.
  4. So, from now just the follow the installation process. Just go on taping the next button till the app finishes installation.


Rooting is a process of becoming the one night superuser and just opens up the great possibility of enjoying the tons of amazing third-party apps Amazon etc. By doing the same routine stuff like trying the boring apps from Google Play store. Which something kind of jailbreaking for an Iphone. Make a note of this in your mind that by Rooting, you may void mobile device warranty. This may not be happen with all the manufactures, lets say for example, One of the most popular Chinese manufactures, One plus is something which allows you to be the root user for your device and still enjoy your warranty. You can use any popular apps like King Root, Root Master etc. Now to root your device. Now become the Root user and just unlock the new world of possibilities. So now you can install the latest updated andriod versions if your device is rooted. Many of the popular developers like Cyanogens provides custom ROMs with the latest versions.


WPA is nothing but called as the Wi-Fi Protected Access which is security protocol uses encryption for secure access point and communication between the connected Wi-Fi devices. it always uses the older rencryption technology. in the best simple words, It is also called a security standard for people using devices with wireless internet connections . WPS, the wi-fi protetced Setup, which is nothing but called as the technology to automatically which initiates the setup of the Wi-fi connection. That would be the best to have a Router equipped with the WPS buton if you enable it, This makes more easy to initial set up the Wi-Fi connection.


WPS WPA Tester Apk it mainly requires the Andriod 5.0 lollipop version and more than above. This app mainly requires root permissions. For this type of lower versions of Andriod , the app mainly needs ROOT permissions to the mobile device.  Actually this app is blocked in the Google play store for lower versions for Andriod. So better Root your device which can be done in few very easy steps. so that you will be getting all the root privileges to all the device system folders which are similar user or root access to the file system if you are the Linux user anytime. This app also requires mainly the following permissions on your mobile device. This app contains no malware and this cent percent and absolutely safe to install and also to use it anytime.

. You need Permission to access to information of Wi-Fi networks
. Even you should need Permission to change the network connectivity State.
. At the same time, You also need permission to open network sockets.
. Write down permissions to your mobile device storage.


 Wifi WPS And WPA tester Apk checks if your access point is vulnerable to WPS protocol. it mainly uses WPS pin to connect to your access the point to test the vulnerability of the certain network. So this pin will be calculated with many of the advanced algorithms such as the Zhao, Trend Net, Dlink, Dlink+1 and Belkin(Only for rooted devices), FTE,Asus,Aircon Realtek, Easy Box Aycadyan, Arris. Actually this apps uses the PINS in smart brute force and will try the 11000 PIN combinations.And also, it is smart to detect if your device if the first 4  or 8 digits of WPS PIN, are correct and the last digit would be a checksum of previous 7 digits. This app is all about providing the WI-FI protected Access which is security protocol uses encryption for secure access point and technology. In the most simple words, It is a security standard for people using devices with the help of wireless internet connection.

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