How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Andriod

Download Paid Apps for Free, So this is what we all want to do, Right? Yeah! But here is a question is How? And well never worry about that, because the article is all about that answer. So as every one know Andriod is the best Operating system for the smartphones. And millions of Andriod apps are just developed and they are available to download on the play store. And they may be free or paid and some times both. so many of the people ask How to just download paid Apps for free on Andriod. and to solve this of problems, so we have just decided to share Google Play Store alternatives to get all this paid apps for free. And also, here we are sharing some of the Best Sites to download all the paid apps in free. Here some of the people thinks why we just need to download all the paid apps where free version is provided. and just want to let you know, that the premium applications are fulfill and with the tons of features which the free version doesn’t have.

So once you need to try all the paid apps, so then you will get to know what are the features they provide you. But all of us can’t just afford the premium apps just because they are too costly. and even if you have the money, but there too you need some international transactions allowed Credit/Debit card to use on the play store, so that might be another problem for all Andriod users. Now, here we tried to find something new through which we get all the paid apps for free but it’s not that easy as you just think. But still , you don’t have to worry at all about this as are going to explain how to get the paid apps for free without paying a single penny to anyone it’s completely for free. and here you will come to know about the other markets which also provides almost all the premium applications to just download for free of cost.

How to Download Paid Apps for free on Andriod

Here are some of the features which are only available on the paid apps, it means like if you really want to access full feature of any app, so here you must just to need to upgrade it with Pro version. And the many apps also provides the trail version, so that user can also check its performance in few trial days and if you love it, right now you can also upgrade it into Pro version by paying its recommend amount. And here are the different types of plans which are available for Pro versions, and some of the apps are for the lifetime in which you just need to only some little amount at once and after that you don’t need to pay a single penny for the lifetime. and now you may also like Whatsapp DP for Boys, it is the most amazing collection you should just check it!

Now here the biggest problem faced by the Andriod users is that now a days these paid apps are too costly and some of the people just can’t afford them. So that’s the only reason they only use this free versions of that app and they lost their willingness of using all the paid features of these apps. and now many of the people just try to find the different type of techniques and also the other tricks to get paid for just free. and also some times people get succeed in finding the best way to download paid apps for free on their handsets. I actually mean that google have everything, in which you can find anything there. there is nothing that you can’t find in google. here you just need to think about the best keyword which can show your desired result page on the screen. and here you can also download the Spotify premium Apk & GBWhatsapp Apk for free.

And here many of the people are unable to find the useful trick on Google to just download premium apps for free. So are you one amongst them? even if yes, there is no problem at all just because now in this article, you can just find your desired solution. and after this article, you are now able to download all the paid apps for free of cost on your Andriod phone. So here don’t just worry about these small issues. Where there is a will , there is a way

Main Requirements to Get Paid Apps for Free in Andriod

Here there is no such special requirements if you want to download paid apk’s for free on any Andriod smartphone. then all you need is any App which can provide paid apps for free. and here we shared many of the other things in the below section, and just scroll down and just download your desired application, which you wish for. They are named as the world’s best platform which are providing premium versions for all the Andriod apps that to without any cost from many years. So why are you still waiting for, go and grab what you wish for!

  • Andriod mobile.
  • Any of the application which provides paid apks for free of cost(Shared many in below section)
  • Are you still looking for requirements? Are you so Mad in getting them? then why to waste the time. let’s go and grab them. Just go ahead!

Play Store Alternatives To Download Paid Apps For Free

Blackmart Alpha
1Mobile Market

How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Andriod

4Shared App-Get Apps For Free

Now this one is the best platform which provides all the super stunning apps without any cost for your Andriod phone. and now you can just search and just you can download any pro apps in free and by using 4Shared app. So here you can get the apps of both versions like paid and free.

4shared-Download Paid Apps For Free On Andriod

Apps For Free On Andriod

How To Download Paid Apps for Free Using 4Shared?

  1. Firstly you need to download 4Shared App on your Andriod Device.
  2. Secondly, you need to install and open it in your mobile same as like the other apps.
  3. And the third thing you need to do is, search for any app which you wish for in the search box which is appeared in top of the app.
  4. Now, Here, you will get your app for free in result page, now download it and from there you can enjoy all the paid apps for free.


I Guess many of you already might heard about this app, and UC Browser are very familiar with this app. so this is another best platform to download all the paid apps for free on your Andriod phone. And there are thousands of games and also other freeware that you can try on your device for free of cost.

9apps-paid apps for free

How to Get Paid Apps for Free Using 9Apps?

  1. So very First, you need to download 9Apps Apk on your mobile.
  2. And the second thing you need to do is, Install it and open it, and you will see a different types of the latest released paid apps & games to download for free.
  3. Now search for your desired App in Search bar.
  4. Now just click on the download button and from there you can just enjoy it without any cost.

Hey Guys, Just wanted to say there are the best platforms to download all the paid apps for free on your Andriod phone. And now you can use these two apps for downloading any kind of the paid app for free of cost without paying any single penny.

Blackmart Alpha App

Blackmart Alpha app is one of the best of the best app which actually provides many of the paid apps for free of cost. now here you can just download all the popular apps paid apps for free in Blackmart alpha app.

Download paid apps for free on blackmart alpha

Blackmart Alpha

How to use Blackmart Alpha to Download Paid Apps for Free?

  1. First thing you need to do is, just download Blackmart Alpha App on your Andriod.
  2. Now install app in your Andriod phone and then just click on open button.
  3. Here you can see a search box in the top right side of the app. So type the app name which you wish for and want to download and then click on search button.
  4. So from now you can download your app from the list of apps shown on screen and just install it in your phone.
  5. Once everything is Done, Start Enjoying your app for free using your Blackmart Alpha app.

Now in the above section, as i mentioned there are two best methods to download all the paid apps for free. Now here i’m going to share some more best Google play store alternatives to just download all the paid apps for free. And as above described two app are the best, but if in case your desired paid app isn’t listed in that both apps, why to worry, Here you can try all these alternatives.

Mobogenie – Best App to Download Piad Apk For Free

It is a very light app which actually helps us in getting all the paid apps for free and helps us in downloading. Now on this platform, most of the apps are just for free but sometimes it also provides paid versions of many apps. So that’s the main reason i mentioned it it my list. Actually it is also a very popular platform for all the Andriod apps, but some months ago it was actually removed from the Google play store due to some policy violations. So now can just only download this app from its official website. and now it is also available on the other websites but on the official site, you will get all the well latest updated versions which you wish for.

Mobogenie-playstore alternative apps

how to download paid apps for free

Now not only the apps, you can also download paid eBooks, paid movies, paid music for free on your device. and Also there are so many other features which are provided by mobogenie like you also download You Tube videos by using this app. and it also provides the junk cleaner which actually helps us in speeding up your Andriod mobile performance.

1Mobile Market – Best Play Store Alternative to Get Paid Apps for Free

As you can see, the name itself says it as the market for Mobile. And it actually provides lots of all popular Free & paid apps for Andriod mobiles. And here you can download any of the paid app in free without paying a single penny using this app. 1Mobile Market app is actually also available on Google Play Store, but that version of this app will only allows you to download all the free apps and Whenever you actually try to download the paid app, it will just redirect you to the play store.

Best Play Store Alternative to Get Paid Apps for Free

1Mobile Market

But here actually you can use its official app by downloading it from 1Mobile official website(Link is given below). And now in this version, you can also find many of the other paid apps of andriod and also you will be able to download and use them on your phone without any problem.

GetAPK- Download paid Apps in Free

Get APK, the name itself actually describes it very well. Now it is an another best platform to just download all the premium apps on your Andriod without paying any single pie for free of cost. Well, actually it’s not that beautiful designed. and that is the main reason most of the people don’t just love this app and will uninstall it just after installing it. But actually it is one of the best featured app which i love the most and in this app you can download all the versions of any app here. It means like if you want to download the old version of any app, and also actually you can just download it very easily by using GetAPK app.

Getapk Market-Download premium apps

So do you know the process like how to download aid apps for free by using GetAPK? So let me explain here very clearly. Firstly search your favorite paid app in the search box. and in resultant page, you can just click on GET button. and it will actually shows you a white page on the screen. and this happens just because that app will opens in the default browser which actually doesn’t works. and now here what you have to do is, just click on the open browser button and from the top right section. it will help you in opening link in your Andriod device browser and your file will actually start downloading automatically. – Best Site to Download Paid Apps for Free

apkmirror-playstore alternative

Get paid apps for free

Now this is also the most popular website, which actually contains tons of all the paid Andriod apps where you can download without paying a single penny. And that is also very easy to download apk’s from here. and all you just need to do is search for the app which actually you wish for and want to get it for free on your smartphone. and from here to download this app? so don’t just get worried here i have provided the downloading link below, so just click on it and it will start downloading without any kind of issue. Happy ending. Best Site to Get all Paid Andriod Apps for Free

apkreal-download all apps

How to get paid apps for free on android

The first main thing you should know is, it is actually a website not an app. and Apk Real is one of the best site to download all the paid Apps, Games, Wallpapers, Launchers & Themes for free of cost on your Phone. And it also has the very large collection of the very cool freeware which is actually no where else. And download your wish Apk on your smartphone without paying a single penny with the help of this platform. So below is the Download link to get this special app on your device with just one single click.

Also there is a great app called tutuapp to download paid apps for free download tutuapp apk here


So guys, these are actually the best play store alternatives to download all the paid apps for free of cost. and here you can download any kind of the paid app in free by using above mentioned apps and the different methods, and if your desired app isn’t available on any of the app which are mentioned above. so you must try another alternate, for sure you will get your apps in these all apps. and if i want to say Blackmart Alpha is one of the best platform in my options list and actually there you will get all the paid apps for free of cost and actually it is specially designed for just providing all the pro apps without paying any single penny.

So if you the other best apps which provides all the paid apps for free? If YES, then you can share them with us in the below comment section. So, Let’s help all the people know about all the trusted platforms to download paid apps for free on there Andriod smart devices. Even if you’re facing any kind of the problem in the above methods. I have provided in this article? Feel free to comment your doubt on which you’re facing. for sure i will help you out with the best solution to download all the paid apps for free.

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