Clash of Clans Mortar – Why You Need It

The clash of Clans Mortar is one of the defensive structures you can get!  It can quickly wipe out dozens of enemy units with ease.Not only that but it has one of the longest firing ranges of all defensive structures.

I would recommend upgrading your mortar before anything else!  It might be a little more expensive than a cannon but the upgrades on your mortar are much more beneficial than any other tower.

Place your Clash Of Clans mortar in the CENTER of your village, guarding and protecting as many buildings as possible!  Your enemies will go for your mortars FIRST, so be cautious of this clash of magic c1 download.

Clash of Clans Multi Mortar

Its important to note how expensive these mortars get!  You can get up to level 8 with your clash of clans mortar, but it will cost you to the tune of 6,400,000 gold.  Not exactly pocket change.

When you start to level up your town hall and get access to multiple mortars I would OVERLAP them! What I mean by this is make sure when the enemy gets close to you, multiple mortars will all be in range! This allows for massive damage and the enemy player will quickly watch all his troops die in front of him!

In order to get anywhere close to this amount of gold needed, you should really learn what you are doing and the fastest way that can be achieved is by viewing this guide.

How Addictive is the Clash of Clans Game?

I believe the Clash of Clans Game is very addictive!  It can be very hard not to log on and play every single day.  Usually if you don’t log on you might quickly lose your resources.  With all that said there is no doubt it is an addictive game, but how much?

I recently found and article from GameSpot that reports that Supercell “Generates $654,000 in daily revenue from the purchase of add-on content, booster packs, and other forms of downloadable content.” WOW!!

That is amazing that the game makes THAT much money PER DAY!  It really has made me think about even creating my own game one day.

You don’t have to pay real money in order to be one of the top players in Clash of Clans, there are tips and tricks that anyone can pull in order to race ahead of their friends in a hurry!  Check out my other post on my Clash of Clans Guide for more information on how you can do just that!

Clan Wars Update

I would like to give you a clash of clans wars update and some of my progress so far. I have been doing clan wars for about 2 weeks now and I have really enjoyed the benefits of it! I’ve gotten huge amounts of elixir, gold, and dark elixir. It is very fun and very easy.

The best part about clash of clan wars is the fact that you get to scout out your enemy and figure out which would be the best target for you. This makes it a lot easier because you can plan ahead of time to counter your enemies defenses.

If your clan mates previously attacked, I would watch their replay before fighting. This way you can see where all the hidden traps are located and avoid them. It can be very depressing to lay down a bunch of giants or other expensive units and just watch them go flying in the air from a spring trap 2 seconds later.

If you do not have a clash of clans JOIN ONE! This will allow you to gain gold and elixir faster than usual farming would. I wish everyone luck and enjoy the loot from clan wars.

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